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Committee Activities

Each Section has following comittee as following to promote activities.The following committees are established at the respective sections and perform their activities

Market Statistical Research Committee
To identify the size and trend of the market for testing equipment, the committee researches the annual sales size for each field and tallies up the result. The committee tallies individual sales of companies in a manner not to disclose them, and achieve highly accurate tallying based on accurate entries. The tallied data are not disclosed to non-members.
Standard and Specification Review Committee
The committee resolves confusions of users and promotes smooth use of testing equipment by researching, drawing up and establishing standards and specifications, and unifying the terms.
PL Committee
The committee unifies industry standards and ensures consistency in handling the standards in order to promote safe use of testing equipment. It formulates agreements on unified-expression systems and participates in joint production of seals.
Test Piece Production Committee
The committee develops and produces standard test pieces for testing equipment, and conducts quantitative evaluation of testing equipment.