★June 28,2021
JIMA Micro Resolution Chart RC-05 has been modified and released as new model, RC-05B.
We are pleased to announce start of sales for RC-05B.
Basic comsept and design including range of line size are same.
The difference is the length of line and tolerance on 3 and 4 um.
★January 13,2021
JIMA2021(Japan Inspection Instruments Manufacturers' Show) was cancelled due to pandemic of COV-19.
We will hold next Japan Inspection Instruments Manufacturers' Show in 2022, September 14 to 16 at Tokyo Bigsite.
The most updated technology for NDT will be gathered.You can find the latest products for quality control in
production line and maintenance.We would appreciate your support by exhibiting and attending.
★November 26,2020
JIMA Micro Resolution Chart, RC-02B has been sold out.
We are sorry that we cannot supply any more.
Please select RC-04 or RC-05 instead.
Revised model is under development to be expected sales start in November, 2021.
We feel very sorry to have absence of supply.


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Japan Inspection Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (JIMA) conducts vigorous activities with the following purposes concerning various testing equipment including nondestructive testing equipment.

  • Improvement of quality, safety and technologies
  • Promotion and improvement of production, physical distribution and trading
  • Holding and participation in trade shows, lectures and workshops on technical guidance, etc
  • Promotion of formulation and standardization of related specifications
  • Familiarization of related laws/regulations, standards, etc. and cooperation for administrative measures

and more activities along with necessity time by time.

Inspection Instruments are used in two fields: (1) quality testing in the field of manufacturing, and (2) safety testing in the field of maintenance.
In the field of manufacturing, testing equipment are essential tools for quality control that are used for operations such as detection of flaws, cracks, voids, exfoliations, defective adhesion and defective welds; discrimination of materials; measurement of strengths; and testing of dimensions. In the field of maintenance, testing equipment are used for maintenance management of nuclear power stations, petroleum /chemical plants, aircraft, Shinkansen bullet trains, subways and ships to ensure safety of people.